Check ABN on Debtors & Creditors

A handy new feature has been added to both the Debtors and Creditors Account Maintenance screens.

CheckABN looks up the Company name against the official ABN register and presents you with the closest matches. Another buttton allows you to update those details.

This came about after a dispute between a client and a Mining Joint venture. The Mining company’s name was exceedingly long, and had been abbreviated on the Purchase order. The Debtor name entered into Minder was exactly the same.

The work was done and the Invoice sent off the the client.

After a time payment had not been received. Upon multiple enquires they were told that the Invoice had been rejected (this is some 2 months after the event mind you) as the ‘Company name as NOT as per our Registered name’ (even though it was as per their Purchase Order!) and our ‘ABN had not been quoted on the invoice’. 'Therefore the invoice was not ours & has been rejected.'

Big time stalling tactic perhaps.

Lucky the next order was about to be loaded on the truck, so after a bit of biffo, they got their payment.

Moral of the story is:-

  • Make sure the Customers ABN number is on your INVOICE.

  • Check that the ABN is correct for any new Debtors, or even for your old Debtors as details change.


We included the button on the Creditors as well simply because you can claim a GST credit from a Creditor invoice without one.




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