External Processing Order

What it isn't

  • This does not use the Works Order system, nor the Purchase Order system, it is a Stock Transfer with any cost variation going to a GL clearing account.
  • Stock Codes in this case do NOT have a 'W' nor an 'M'. They are normal stock items.
  • You decide on the cost for the incoming goods. ie, cost of raw material + subbie charges / quantity produced. No we won't automate this!

    • Main Menu
    • Inventory
    • Transactions
    • Transfers

First Tab (1)

  • Receiver = The Subbie
  • Form = SP (Stock Processing)
  • RefNo = Your number if any.
  • G/L Acct = AY51300.15 – Subbie Cost Recovery, the Subbie's invoice would be a single line against this GL code, ie, the balance should end up as zero.

2nd Tab – Details

  • First line is the Material coming out of stock, it is a negative.
  • Second line is the Product that is going back into stock, it is a positive.
    • The variance should equal what you are going to pay the Subbie.

You can add instructions to each line if required under 'Service'.

3rd Tab – no entries

4th Tab – write any general instructions here.

Print / Email the Processing Order

When Goods Arrive from Processing

  • Click on 'Tsf All'Click 'Post Tsf'
    • Notice the Nett Amount, this is the value of the Subbie's invoice.
  • Click 'Post'

If you were to check the transactions on that stock code you will see the transfer.

Sub-Contractor Processing Invoice

To process the subbie's invoice, we put it against the GL code we used in the stock transfer.
The invoice is processed via 'Direct Suppler Invoice Entry'
We used AY51300.15 in the transfer, we therefore use the same code for the invoice.

  • Click 'Post'.

Procedure Complete

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