Stock Code - Types

Stock is broken up into 2 area's.

Master data

Contains the GL codes, Supplier details, Buying / selling Variables etc.

Type Field

''Blank Normal stock item.
BBuy inWhere system accumulates cost in the average field and each sale is specifically costed and not average costed. Cost is accumulated as the item is either a generic group or manufactured/imported where the cost varies - for whatever reason - and must go out at its stocking cost. It uses that cost on the sales order.
AAuto updateUpdate sell prices (1 to 4) based on markup pcts in M/U profile in Discount Tab when receiving from Del Dkts or Spl Invoice. Used mostly when the 'base' cost is a factor of the Copper / Nickel or other index and needs to be changed regularly.
KKitSold from assembled elements at sales order time
PPrice lookupPrice lookup item only, doesn't increment stock on invoicing
LLengthStock in lengths, not metres

Branch Locations

Contains data that could change between branches.

Source field

WWork OrderMade from a Work Order for a sales order. The cost on the sales order is updated when the work order is stocked. From a Works Order Quote these items are exploded into their component parts into a Works Order.
MManufacturedManufactured from a work order for inventory replenishment. The Works order for these items need to be manually generated. The Sales Order will use the Average cost from the Branch location. From a Works Order Quote these items are NOT exploded into their component parts in a Works Order.
PPurchasedPurchased buy in item for linking with a sales order. The cost is linked to the Purchase Order.
OOrderOrder in directly onto a works order  - not through stock receipts, hence doesn't update the values in the Stock Ledger.
??BranchBranch where source from if not carried in stock.

('P' 'O' & ?? will not have system generated min/max levels)


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