TSplus - Download an Excel Spreadsheet from Minder using Web Browser.

  • To Use Excel on the MBS server you will need a current Office365 license.

  • Excel isn’t loaded on Servers by Default, ask you Systems Administrator if it isn’t loaded.

  • Most Spreadsheet exports originate from Query’s on standard browse screens.


In this example we are going to export a GL Trial Balance, but the same procedure applies whenever the ‘Send to’ button is available.


1. In Minder.

  • Main Menu

  • GL

  • Enquiry

  • Trial Balance - TY








Now we select ‘Send To’ .

3. Select:-

  • File, Excel(xls), Column Headers.

  • Check the File Name, you will need to find the file when we Download it to your local Workstation.

  • Click Save.

You don’t really need the ‘Preview’, but it’s nice to see what you have before downloading.


4. Minder will now process the records:-

5. If you are asked this, select Excel.


6. The file will now open in Excel.


You can happily work on the file here (the Server), but if you would like the file locally, then another step is required.







7. Save the file, it has already been saved but doesn’t hurt to do it again.


8. Exit Excel.

9. We now Download the file.

From the top of the Minder screen you will see a small Down Arrow.

10. Click on that & you will reveal a menu of options. We are going to select the Download icon, which looks like a Cloud with a Down Arrow, symbolic perhaps!

11. A Select Files Screen will appear, it will default to your Documents directory on the Server, so it’s a good idea to save your file from Minder to the same directory. Saves looking for it.

My file is easy to see. Ignore the funny looking file names, they are part of the server security and are meant to be there. If you delete them they will just come back, so tame your ADHD.


12. Select the file & click on ‘Upload selected Files’

The system will now process the file as a normal Download from the Web, so the file will land in your normal ‘Downloads’ directory.

I’m using Chrome here, so the download appears at the bottom of my screen. I can simply click on it now to open it in my local Excel.











13. And here we are, My GL Trial Balance is on my local workstation, and opened in my local Excel ready for some Excel fun. You will need to click the ‘Enable Editing’ button. This is a safety feature in Excel to prevent rogue spreadsheets running amok when you open them from a download.


14. Procedure complete

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