Images & Attachments on Sharepoint

Information Base

Drawings & pdf's are referenced within Minder by using a pointer (located within Stock - Enquiry - Information Base).

That pointer looked at a Mapped drive, so, for example,

AC-PY0001 referred to

  • S:\KCAT\xxxx\SKF Pxxx\Py0001.pdf for the drawing and

  • I:\Stores\Pictures\AC-PY0001.JPG for the photograh.

Since the move to the 'Cloud', those pointers no longer exist as the drives are not mapped, and if they are, are located in the individual user's area. Which isn't much use to us.

So we can't use drive maps. This is OK, it's what Microsoft want us to do as Drive Maps have some serious limitations.

Luckily the forward thinking of the genius guru's at Minder Software had anticipated this issue and increased the field sizes of those pointer fields, which means we can use the complete Sharepoint address to locate the external files.


Have a look at AC-PY0001, which I prepared earlier:-

Notice the Doc & Image pointer fields are now https addresses. This is how Teams & Sharepoint locate your various files. It's fairly easy to do.

In Teams

Sharepoint works the same way.

I know that the pdf is located in the 'Sketch' Team, Files \ General \ KCAT \ xxxx \ SKF Pxxx \  Py0001.pdf

The old address was S:\KCAT\xxxx\SKF Pxxx\Py0001.pdf, so you can see the pathing is almost the same.

Click on the dot dot's & select 'Copy Link'

Select the 'Sharepoint' version of the link, either will work, but the Sharepoint version is shorter.

Select Copy

Back Into Minder

Go back to Minder & PASTE that link into the appropriate field.

Then do the same for the Image file, although in this example it’s located in a different spot on Sharepoint

Click OK

That's it.

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