Re-allocate Labour via Timesheets

You need to move the labour that has been allocated to a Works Order or a Job.

You can use Timesheets to achieve this.


I have 3.67 hours, with a cost of $105.36, sitting on this Works Order. I'm going to re-allocate that labour.

We are going to enter a new Timesheet.

  • Manufacturing

    • Transactions

      • Time Sheets - Labour

Select  +Add

Select the Employee(s)

Tab 2 & Add

Enter your Works Order (or Job) number & select the Line Entry which has those values allocated.

Enter those hours as a Negative.

At this point we could end here, but that would mean that the Employee will be down 3.67 hours from their pay. Could cause a problem. We need to bring this Timesheet back to zero.

Add another line, this will be what we are re-allocating the labour to, in this case it will be a GL cost code, but it can as easily be another Works Order or a Job from the Job System.


In this case I've re-allocated to a Cost code from the GL.

We now have a Timesheet with a net ZERO on the hours, go ahead & POST.


Watch if you have multiple employees that you are re-allocating, they may have different rates. If that is the case, you will need to both employees, else you will be left with a value on the Works order.


Procedure complete.

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