Punch Clock Allowances / Elements

You can have up to 5 distinct elements with Punch Clock.

These are set in :-

  • Payroll

    • Maintenance

      • Elements


The Punch Clock specific Elements are numbers 1001 → 1005






The Element Entry's


In this example, (1001), we have a Productivity Allowance.


The Qty is 1, the Rate is $1.00, and it is not Based on hours (Based on Hrs = 0).

Therefore any value in the allowance will simply be modified by 1 (the Rate).

So an allowance of 38 will equal $38.00 in the Payroll.

Sum To

The Sum to refers back to the System Default Allowances:-

(Setup, System Names)

And are listed as Allowances - Time Sheet.

Here you set the taxation treatment and the STP allowance code as appropriate. Since this is a productivity allowance (for showing up!), then it is simply included as Gross Wages.

This is what is shown on the Payslip.

Review Entries - Allowances Tab

This TAB allows the setting of any Allowance(s) for that employee.

Here we are adding a $38 Productivity Allowance

Once Posted to Payroll

You will find the dollar value of that allowance in TAB2.


And on TAB1, it is included with the totals.


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