Contract Prices - Compare different Profiles

When updating Prices, particularly when multiple Buying groups are involved, it is handy to be able to export a comparison of those different Price Profiles into Excel for review. This screen allows this:-


  • Debtors

    • Pricing

      • Contract Prices - Compare

The screen is in 3 Parts:-

  • The Master List

    • Displays all the Contract Pricing

  • Available Profiles

    • These are the profiles available for Comparison

  • Populated List

    • This list box will display your selected profiles



Simply Enter into the Profile Entry fields UP TO 4 different profiles for comparison.

If you also wish to see the Standard Prices 1->4, enter a Branch code as well.

And then click on ‘Populate List’



Once displayed, the Send To button will allow you to Export to what ever format you wish:-


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