Contract Prices - Exporting to Pronto

Although written to allow easy Importing of Price Lists in to Pronto (an excellent Australian BMS by the way), you can use the export format for most client database systems.

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      • Export Prices - Pronto


The First screen is the Query Filter, you can preselect an existing profile, or create a new one:-

Simply set up the Query as required. You may save this for later (in which case you ‘Load’ the profile back in).


Click on OK to go to the next screen.

This displays the Product Codes, Descrption etc, together with the Pricing associated with that Profile.

Click on the Send To button to Export as normal

Just remember, if Excel is NOT installed on the server (and this is common), you can still export to Excel, but use the Excel(xml) format, not the (xls). It works fine.





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