Sales Orders - Re-assign some or All detail lines

Frequently a need arises to supply part or all of a Sales Order from another branch, or simply to move any Back Orders to a fresh Sales order.

To facilitate this, a Re-assign Tab is now available on the Sales Order form.

New Tab Design


Tab 8 - Re-Assign

To Re-Assign a Line


To Remove a Line


To Re-assign entire Sales Order (or the remaining balance)

Actual Re-Assignment

When you have finished selecting the lines to be Re-assigned, change the Sell & Source Branches if necessary.



And the click on the Re-Assign button.



Reviewing the original Sales Order, we can now see that that line has been lapsed.


And a note added to the line item


Looking at our New Sales Order, it has a flag indicating that it is part of a re-assignment


If we sort by Customer Order (click on Tab 3 - Customer Order), you will find the original and the new Sales Orders listed together. Note that the ‘On Order’ values have also been re-calculated


And the New Sales Order contains exactly the same information, except the branch details have been changed.

If you have a Purchase Order or a Works Order assigned to the line item, then they WILL NOT be updated. If changes need to be made to a PO or a WO, then you must do that manually.

Procedure Complete

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