Detrack POD - Site Contact

If you use the 'Contact:' field on the from page of a Sales Order & include a Site Contact  with a Phone number, both the Name and the Phone number will overwrite the contact details in Detrack.

This means the Driver now has both a Site Contact and a Site Phone number which he can call on arrival with a push of the Telephone icon in Detrack.

Here I have the Site Contact and his mobile number.


In the 'Consign:' field I have the Site Name.


The POD screen has had a freshen up with a nice big button now for 'Add Delivery.

You can see that the Column headings have changed and we now have 'Company' (the consignee) and a 'Site Contact'.
Note the phone number isn't there!

You will see that the phone number has been split out and in now in Phone # in Detrack. This means the driver can use it.

If the 'Contact Field' is blank, or doesn't include a phone number, then the details from the Order contact are used instead.

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