CMS (Contact Management System)

With structured and maintained client contact data there is no reason why any client communication should be 'too hard', not happen, or not be followed up. 

In a matter of minutes: a target group can be created and populated; an email drafted with any necessary attachments; diary follow-up set and assigned to an employee; and emails sent.


  • email/fax forms based on DB master data
  • individual/Global messaging via email/fax/postal mail
  • noting system that does not have to be linked to a contact unless a local requirement.

Sales Management

  • maintain a fully-featured contact information and management system
  • maintain unique account contacts on a one-to-many (more than one contact per account)
  • maintain prospects with their own unique data, enter quotes and maintain note records; these can be later converted to an account
  • maintain rep site call frequencies: last date/next date
  • maintain note records of client visits/phone activity
  • produce loose or rigid call sheets with previous note history
  • produce weekly/monthly listings of call activity
  • plan and measure client management
  • diary activities for follow-up
  • monitor quoting activity, and measure success rates
  • provide reps with access to the activities of others in relation to their contacts
  • provide reps with controlled access to sales data that relates to their day-to-day activities
  • provide management with control of the client base, and how its is being serviced
  • global message clients, and maintain a record of that contact activity
  • notify clients of rep/run changes


  • Create promotional/interest groups (eg price-list groups, product development advice)
  • Globally populate the groups
  • Globally message groups, create note records, diary records, and maintain records of follow up activity
  • Manage activities that relate to clients; eg trade nights and all of the job-steps required
  • Browse promotional sales/new product activity (stage 2)
  • Track promotional items
  • the client pricing/promotions will be linked to a CMS group/sub-group
  • the data will be harvested from the sales order records


  • Active/inactive
  • Date of last visit
  • Date of next visit
  • Date of last phone contact
  • Date of next phone contact
  • Do no email, do not visit, do not phone
  • Grouping codes to assist rep in managing territory and call/visit sequence
  • Background notes (contact’s, hobbies etc)
  • Sales history for account: dollars and product
  • Pricing data


  • Comprehensive noting system
    • Post-it notes
    • Emailing notes
  • Notes categorised by contact type
    • Visit
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Etc
  • Diary reminders


  • Maintain contact groups
  • Assign contacts to groups
  • Target promotional activity to group members and review sales results