HTML email bug squashed

This one has been driving us crazy. What was happening was that you would fill up the 1st page of an email in Minder, click on send, and when you got back to the 2nd email screen all your work had disappeared. Uggggggg.

Anyway, Pete managed to get to the bottom of it. This meant a change to the embedded HTML editor screen. You will notice that the icon bar is now at the bottom (was on the top). Changing the HTML editor then meant a number of other changes required throughout the system.

The last issue which came up today was the block text which should automatically present onto a new email wasn’t working.

Now it does!

This will be in your update to version 10 (C10) when we roll it out to you as part of the Single Touch Payroll upgrade. Those already on C10 will already have the fix.

The new icon bar on the html email editor.