C10 is Gold

The latest upgrade to Minder, dubbed C10, is now being rolled out. The major changes in this release are:-


  • A lapse button is now placed adjacent the detail line browse. Highlight a line and click on the Lapse button. If linked to a work order, the linkage will be removed.

  • The global lapse button still applies. However, it will delete all of the lines as well. This is useful for reissuing a material requisition due to work-order changes.

  • Changing a work order material quantity will auto-update the linked material requisition line.


  • Re-order screens now display three decimal place for average weeks stock-on-hand and average weekly sales.


  • A warning will be issued when adding or changing a quote if account is on stop.

  • POD - Capture delivery photographs for proof-of-delivery.


  • The HTML module is replaced with added functionality re importing data. There may be some issues with cut and paste with older versions of Windows.


  • Single Touch Payroll is complete and has ATO approval.


  • Flag shipment costing as complete; the procedure updates the shipment with completed period and status. Purchasing > Shipments > Transaction Enquiry browse. Highlight the shipment and select the Finalise check-box.
    Run the Batch-post WIP completed shipments procedure to calculate variance, post to the shipment to balance and post General :Ledger entries.