Accounts Receivable


  • Postal address
  • Street address
  • Alternate language addresses
  • Multiple delivery locations
  • Multiple email addresses
  • Customise email recipients by form type (order acknowledgement, statement, invoice, certificates, quotes, export documentation etc)

 Contact Details

 Customer account-contact details (invoice / statement / credit action)

  • Form preference: print or email
  • Default  sales contact  (sales orders and quotes)
  • Multiple sales contacts

Credit Management

 Account types

  • Credit
  • Cash sales
  • COD (cash on delivery)
  • Prospect  (permit quote but not sales order/invoice)
  • Parent or child account (sell/deliver to many but invoice/statement to one account)
  • Online followup of outstanding debtors. Credit Management

Credit Limits

  • Warning
  • Refusal / Review for increase
  • Allow sales order entry – deny invoicing
  • Age balances (eg 60 day balance but balance less than credit limit)
  • Warning
  • Refusal
  • Stop credit
  • Release stop credit when processing customer payment

Audit trail

Credit history of changes to customer credit limits, stop credit etc with status of account and who changed. Optionally write note with reason for change.

  • Days credit
  • Global or custom
  • From end or month or date of invoice
  • Allow extended payment terms from sales order
  • Auto settlement discount calculation


  • Default currency (eg AUD, NZD, VND, USD)


  • Inventory price level
  • Product group discount profile plus customer exceptions
  • Contract price profile plus customer exceptions
  • Promotional group profile

 Delivery fee

  • Default amount or
  • Freight table reference

Quantity breaks

  •  Bonus items or at a special price

Grouping Codes

  • Rep
  • Account manager
  • Delivery run
  • Industry classification
  • Area or buying group
  • Promotional area
  • Sum-to account : view sales by individual account or by Sum-to (consolidated) account

Other Profile information

  • Customer grade (eg A1,B2) for filtering
  • Invoice format if not standard
  • Domestic or Export invoice format (self-printed invoices)
  • Do not visit
  • No promotional emails / literature
  • Watch for sales performance filtering
  • Annual potential (Value)
  • Requires product-based certificates (eg material certificates with metal)