Historical Trial Balances

Minder is a live system, so to print an historical Trial Balance do the following:-

Debtors Trial Balance (say at 30/6/18)

Minder works in Period Numbers, so you will need to know the period number of the period you are wanting. In this case June 18 = 1410.

From the Debtors Main Menu

  • Enquiry
    • Accounts
      • History - Aged Balances

We now use the Query Filter to get the Period we want to display.

So click on Query & Enter the Period Numbers as follows:-

Click OK,

We now have an Aged List as at 30/6/18

To obtain a hard copy, Click on 'Print'

Creditors Trial Balance (say at 30/6/18)

The same procedure applies to Creditors as for Debtors

Creditors Main Menu

  • Enquiry
    • Aged Balance History

  • Click Query & Enter the period

  • And we have the Creditors trial Balance

Click on Print for a Hard Copy

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