Payroll Reports

You require special access for Payroll.

Once logged in the reporting is available from:-

  • PayMenu
    • Reports
      • Report Manager - reports (at the bottom)
        • The upper entries are obsolete and will be removed in a future revision.

Various Reports are available depending upon what you require.

  • The most common report to run is PayRoll 3 - Pay Summary Listing
    • A limited amount of customisation is available, please contact support.

Date and Run options are on the Right Hand Side of the screen.

  • The current Pay Period is always displayed at the top for reference.
  • The Pay Period equates to the Week Number (if Paid Weekly) or the Month Number (ditto).
  • You can print a Range of Periods by changing the fields on the Pay Period line.
  • You can print Prior years by entering a '1' in Years Ago (giving you last year), etc.

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