Route Re-Pricing Procedure

Global Re-Costing Routes / Re-Pricing Stock Procedure

Due to the nesting of stock codes & routes it is recommended to run this procedure monthly.
This procedure is run from the Admin menu, a level 2 access is required. Repricing should be done after-hours with no others in the Minder system.

  • Main Menu
  • Admin
  • Global Changes
  • Kits / Routes
  • Reprice / Global

    Step 1 - Reprice Route

No need to change any of the default settings

Click 'Reprice Route'
The system will go through each route & update the costs.
Once the reprice is completed you will get the following message, click OK.

Step 2 – Reprice Stock

We need to enter the branch details.

Click on 'Reprice Stock'.
We need to do this twice!
The first run through will give you a variance, in this case it is very high as we have not re-priced the stock previously.

Click 'OK'

Step 3 – Reprice Stock 2nd time

Click on 'Reprice Stock' for the Second time.
On the second run we will have either a small or no variation, which is good.

Procedure Complete

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