Material Issue from Works Order Quote

This feature is in beta.

The standard flow for a Works Order is:-

Works Order Quote
Works Order

Material Requisition

Material Issue
Time Sheet Entry
Stocking / Completed

The assumption is that you will not start on a Works Order until all the stock is available, hence there is only 1 Material Issue.

In practice, this may not be so. You may start 1 section of the Works Order when that stock is available, and progressively do Material Issues as stock arrives.

To achieve this it presupposes that a Works Order Quote is the source document.

Material Req. line pick with column-header sort.

  • You may, select a sequence or range of parts to raise a Material Issue for.
  • Tick individual parts (Select the 'Line Click Pick On' first) by selecting them with the mouse.
  • Print a 'Pick List' based on a range of sequence numbers.

Material Req. line pick with column-header sort.

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