Stock - Import Supplier Pricing

We can import a csv file from a Supplier into the Inventory Module.

Prepare the file

The file is called STSBF.csv and has the following format. You can download a template below.

Cut & paste from the suppliers file those columns as noted above.

Note that the Supplier Code and the Minder code are the same in this case. The new List price will normally go into SP1 and your new buy price will go into Ncost.

You will also need to enter the branch code, in this case ‘CO’.


Save the file as a csv called STSBF.csv and then copy that file into the Minder company directory.

ie c:\mbs\company

If you are running on a data-centre server this process will be unique to your company.


Import the File

Once the file in in the directory we are ready to import the file.

  • Main Menu

    • Export

      • Import

        • Stock Branch

Your data should already be displayed.

In this instance, we will be using Option 4: Supplier Data

There are other options available to you to use.


Go ahead and click on '4: Supplier Data'.

In this case we ended up with 315 ‘Bad Codes'. Some of these will be the blank lines, which you should remove beforehand. Some were that the Supplier did not give us the buy price, others were that that stock code did not exist.


  File Modified

Microsoft Excel Sheet STSBF.csv Stk Supplier import template

Jul 10, 2020 by Craig Mitchell

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