Creditor Deposits

We have raised a Purchase Order for Stock which will take approx. 5 months to arrive. I paid a deposit yesterday and am unsure how to process this in the system. I have the invoice which is dated xx/xx/xx, how do I enter this invoice into the system without receipting the goods but still linking to the PO.


In this case you won't use the Delivery docket receipt system at all. Rather you will simply process the Payment.

  • Purchases

    • Payments Creditors

    • Select your creditor.

      • Click on Journal (we are going to enter a Payment Journal)


We'll assume that since we have already paid it, that it is in AUD. If not, use the AUD value of the currency conversion. No need to muck about with foreign currency if we have already made the payment.


Fill out the details you know:-


Click OK

Now enter the amount of the Payment at the bottom of the screen & click on 'Deposit'.

You can then Post.


That's it, job done.

If you have a look at the creditor you will see the Deposit shown as a credit (which is what it is).


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