Global Price Updates

This module provides many choices as to how to change pricing within you inventory.

A common scenario is to increase the price of a range of products by a percentage amount.

From the Admin menu

  • Global Changes

  • Stock

  • Prices

You are interested in:-

Pr level - 1 through to 4 as appropriate, if price levels 2->4 are based on Price 1, then you do Level 1 first.
Based On - If you are simply updating Price 1 based on Price 1 x a percentage, then this would be a 1.
Chg Pct - The change  in % (+ve or -ve) being applied.
Cent Rnd - To round to the nearest 10cents, enter a 10 in this field.

Example: Doing all stock codes, in Branch 10, Group INV -> INZ, price level 1 up by 10 %

Before Price Update:-


After Price Update:-