Displaying a Customer PO in a Sales Order

A folder is designated on the server for 'Sales Orders'. It must be accessible to both the Minder server and the local user. Sharepoint should work, although we haven't tested that.

The related document is saved into that folder, with the Sales order number added (via renaming) to the front of the document.

Or you prefix it with the Customer's P/order number if that's easier. Many times the client's PO has that as their document name, so nothing needs re-naming in that case.

In Sales Orders, there is a button called 'Docs'. Clicking on that displays all the files in that 'Sales Orders' directory that begin with the Sales Order number.

Clicking 'Doc's shows the related files:-


Avoid placing the ‘SalesOrders’ directory within the company’s MBS directory. If you routinely sweep through & delete the pdf’s you will also remove these files, which isn’t what you want.


The directory is set within the Admin module.

-Admin ,Configuration, Feature Settings, Set 2, Entry 120


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