Import Material Take-Off into a Quote

Import a csv file from an external Material Take Off package straight into a quotation.

This presents significant time savings and reduces key-stroke errors.


Currently we have mapped the Bluebeam Revu product , but others are possible.

The Import

Sales - Sales Entry - Quotes

















You can start a New Quote, or Add to an existing one.

Add or Change


If Adding a new quote, enter the 1st page details as normal


Go to TAB 2 - Details






In this example we are importing 3 x Bluebeam revu files.


The csv files were previously placed (cut & paste) into the c:\mbs\company\import file


Click on the Open File dialog Box


Navigate to & select your 1st csv file for import. Click on OPEN to select.

Click on Import Bluebeam


The first csv file is Imported.


Note that Stock codes which are not validated are marked as ‘Missing’. Either correct this in the Stock Ledger & start again, or you may still import, but those Items will be imported as a '/' comment.

Repeat the process to Import other csv files into this Table.

Clear Table

If you make a mistake, you can clear the Table & start again.

Send to Quote

Once you are satisfied that all is ready, you can now send this Import back to the Quote.

A message will be displayed.

Click Ok and then Close

Back in Quote - TAB 2

Back in the Quotation you will see that all the items have been imported.

Procedure complete


  • The File name has been imported as a ‘/' Comment on the first line. If you have imported multiple csv files these serve to 'Title’ each section of the Quote.

  • Each item has been prices according to the Debtors Price level.

  • Tax has been applied according to the Quotes tax status on the First screen.

  • The ‘Missing' item has been imported as a '/' Comment. It has no pricing as that stock code does not exist.

Admin - Default file location.

You can set the default location for the File Explorer. Normally this would be something like x:\mbs:\company\import.

Set this in Admin - Feature Setting - 2. Number 120

Note there is no trailing slash.

It would be wise to add a shortcut in the ‘Public desktop' directory to make it easier for users to cut / paste their csv files into this directory.

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