SMS - how to sending a service reminder

IF you are using the Job Invoicing feature, you can now add a ‘Next Service’ date.

When the invoice is Posted a Note to be written against that Debtor account, with a diary date of the 1st of the month of the suggested next service.

Next Service Date

To Enter a service date, just put the appropriate interval into the new field at the top of the 1st invoice screen. remember to update the ‘Read’ (or KM’s) field, otherwise a note will not be written.

Go ahead & invoice the job as normal.

Accessing the Notes

The Debtor notes are kept in the CMS (Contact Management System) of Minder.

Once in the CMS, navigate to the Notes


We’d suggest you sort the notes by Diary Date, and the go to the newest record, this will display the notes you need to action.

You can see the note we added earlier, and that it hasn’t been actioned (the Action column is blank). We can send this customer an SMS reminder.

Sending the SMS

Double Click on the Note, this will bring up the Contact Action Note screen. You will see the details of the next service in the first note box.

Click on Send SMS to bring up the SMS screen.

The SMS message is a template, which is added to the original service note.

Don’t get too worried about the formatting, although you can change it if you wish, an SMS is text only so ‘less is more’.


Once you are happy with the SMS, simply click on ‘Send SMS’. A dialog box will appear confirming the send.

Click OK, this will take you back to the original note.

Click OK again and you will see that the note has now been actioned.

SMS Template

You can have as many SMS templates as you like, and select to one that most suits your purpose.

The templates are stored in the CMS, under Page Templates / HTML Pages


To change a record, click ‘Chg’ and the Update Html Document form will appear.

Remember that an SMS is TEXT only, so it will ignore any formatting you may add.


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