Reconciling the Payroll

In Minder an STP upload reports to the ATO whatever is in the YTD fields on the employee records in the Payroll. There isn't any 'special report' just for STP as we have sufficient reporting available in the system.

To reconcile the YTD balances with the transactions, print a 'PAYROLL3', for all periods (ie 1 -> 53 allowing for a 53 week pay year), this gives us the Payroll transactions, and compare this to the totals in a 'YTD dump'.


  1. Print the Pay Summary listing for all Pay periods for the year, you may need to enter a '1' in 'Years ago' if you have already started the new Pay Year.


2. Print the YTD dump.

3. Compare the totals, they should balance. If not, contact your support person to rebuild the YTD balances.


Note, we reconciling the Payroll YTD to the Payroll transactions, we are not reconciling the Payroll to the GL. You would do that seperately.