Purchase Order From Works Order

To Order from a Supplier against a Works Order

1. Do the Material Requisition for the Works Order, this places the demand on the stock.

2. Your Works Order status will now show 'MR' , Material Requisitioned.

3. Now do a Parts Spill of the Works Order, this will raise the Pro-forma Purchase Order, which allows you to raise the actual order.

4. We can now proceed to the actual Order Generation, which is 'Create Project P/O and Reqs'

5. Enter:

  • Pro-forma number,
  • Source = Requisition - Inventory
  • Set Due Date (far right corner) to the date you require the goods, tick the box.
  • Click on 'Display'
  • Enter the supplier code. If you leave it blank then it will generate all supplier orders for this works order.
  • Untick 'Only Order if Insufficient Stock'. If that's what you want!
  • Enter the 'Delivery from' date.
  • Enter the W/O number as the Reference, this will be displayed on the receiving advice & purchase order.
  • You can keep playing with the filters until you are happy with what you have, just click on 'Display' to refresh the listing.

  • Now you can Create any Purchase Orders
    • Click on 'Create P/O'.

6. Your purchase order is now available in the Purchase Order module.  You may need to modify to suit.

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