General Ledger

Enquiry Screen

You can inquire on an account by directly entering the code, as in the screen below, or by accessing through an interactive browse of the G/L Trial Balance as displayed in the next screenshot.


The Interactive Trial Balance

Account Browse

Selecting an account from the browse. The system keeps track of monthly movements fro three years. That way, it can produce last year trading statements with the prior year on them.



 Transaction Enquiry


This client has only been going for a year. To see transactions for the month, just click on the month field. To see transactions for the whole of the year, just click on the closing balance field. All history shows everything. A report can be printed. Also, the Show Set button is available. Eg month of Feb The whole year on many browse screens


Browse Audit Numbers

One of the smarter things we did was to include a browse of the G/L transaction file (this is also the transaction history file for all detail enquires). You can rebuild all of the history files from this. When converting data from other software we reformat the transactions like this. We can then rebuild three years of summary history as though the new client had been using Xsis all of that time.

What this browse does, is to allow you to browse the actual transactions without having to look at an account. This sorts out “I don’t know where I posted it?” Also, on the screen after this is the Query selection. That means you can search for something across the data set rather than one-side of by being in an account enquiry.

Trend Review

This is a trading statement review for the year in progress. You can dive into the current month’s transactions from here, or change the month to a previous period.

General Journals

These can be done for the current month, any prior month this year, month 12 last year, or any month of last year, or month 12 of the previous year. (That is, you can go back two years).

Bank Reconciliation.

More correctly, it is an account reconciliation. Therefore you can use it to reconcile any account! The access The Browse of an account with the mark-off pop-up. 

Control Accounts:


  • a general-ledger system account maintains a balancing control for the debtor's subsidiary ledger (the debtor's trial balance listing)
  • when processing in two periods, the system separately records next period transactions; when outstanding invoices are settled in the next period a separate field 'Paid Next'  is updated to ensure current period balancing is preserved


  • the same as applies as is the case for debtors


  • the same applies as is the case for debtors: separate fields are maintained for sales, GP, units, and all of the summary movement fields
  • a separate financial control account is maintained on each branch/location item; this ensures that any imbalance with the general ledger control account can be quickly isolated to an item or items.; often this is procedural e.g. selling stock before it is receipted


  • a general ledger system account maintains a balancing control for work-in-progress


  • a general ledger system account maintains a balancing control for work-in-progress

Work Orders

  • a general ledger system account maintains a balancing control for work-in-progress