Punch Clock - Doing the Payroll

Very little changes within the Minder Payroll System to use Punch Clock. The main advantage is that the Payroll officer no longer needs to key-in the hours, the supervisor has already done that work for you.

Employee changes:-

There are 2 changes needed to be made in the Employee Maintenance screen.


This is a grouping of like employees that use the same Time Sheet rules regarding start & stop times. Normally they are also geographically based since the local supervisor is the one that approves & Posts the employee hours for you.

Time Sheet Group

For Punch Clock this needs to be set to ‘Time Clock’.

Processing Pay Run

Once you have received notice from the Supervisors that the Hours have been Posted from Punch Clock you will import those hours into the individual employee’s pays. This is very quick & simple.

  • Pay Run

    • Time Clock

    • And then on that screen:-


Click OK

The hours are now Posted into the Employee’s Pays.


You can see the Punch Clock entries in the Pays

  • Pay Run

    • Edit or New Pay

    • Select the employee

      • Tab 3 - TimeSheets


You can (and should) use the ReportPayroll 5 - Pay Summary by Location' to double check.



The Pay’s are now Processed as normal:-

  • EFT Run

  • Pay Slips

  • Post & Advance Pays

    • Single Touch Payroll

Procedure Complete


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