Punch Clock - Time Sheet Rules

In order for Punch Clock to calculate an employee’s hours it needs to know several things:-

  • What Day it is

  • the normal Shift Start Time

  • the normal Shift Finish Time

  • Any lunch break, and for how long.

  • What location are we in.

The location is important. For example you would normally have a branch which has both an office and a warehouse, and they normally have different start times, and may even have different working hours. In this case we may have location ‘20’ for the Warehouse, with location ‘21’ for the office.

The location can be Alphanumeric, choice is yours.

To allow for this we use the ‘Location’ field on the Employee master in the Payroll system.

  • From here we can then setup a series of ‘Rules’ that apply for each day Monday through Friday (or Sat / Sun if that is also worked).

  • Clicking on an entry brings up the Update screen.

In this example Fridays are a short day, they work 6 hours and there isn’t a lunch break.

  • Once you have set up 1 rule it is very simple to copy it to use again:-

Top button is COPY

Next is NEW.

Finally a DELETE.


Continue to setup these RULES until you have Monday through Friday for the locations that you will be using.

Procedure Complete

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