Punch Clock - Admin Notes

  • Punch Clock is a Web server (mbpunch.exe or mbpunch.dll) which runs inside the Minder directory. This is very different to the main Minder package, which is a Desktop application.

  • It needs to be installed as a service. Currently we do not recommend external port access to the server as the main Punch Screen doesn’t require a log in & hence un-secured. VPN access is fine though.

  • The server can run on a different port should 80 / 443 be assigned to something else.

  • You can run multiple ‘servers’ for different company employee’s on the one Windows server. ie Multiple Minder directories.

  • The web server is a ‘Compiled’ package, it doesn’t use Apache, IIS, PHP, Wordpress etc, so is immune to attacks on those platforms.

  • It’s recommended to use a DNS pointer, but using the IP address will work as well. Internal SSL certificates are planned for a later version, they can be done now, but are a bit messy.

  • The Web client browser can be almost anything, although the screens have not be optimized for phone’s, tablets should be fine. An old laptop in the factory running Linux / Firefox is ideal. Internally TSPlus / RDP is fine or the local Windows PC all works well.

  • The tables used by Punch Clock have fields for GPS co-ordinates etc ready for a ‘disconnected’ phone app to allow for site users.

  • Integration to the Job system is planned.

  • Integration to the Works Order system is planned.

  • A remote Phone App is next.

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