Punch Clock - Employee How To

The Bundy Card is GONE. What do I do now?

You now Punch In and Out of Work via a Computer Screen.

The Punch Screen

To Punch IN.

You need your PIN number, if you don’t know what that is, just CLICK the ? question mark.

Click to obtain your PIN number


From here on you can just either CLICK on your NAME. or once you know your PIN, you can just type it in.



And a line is added for TODAY.


To PUNCH OUT at the end of the day.

Click on the Blue ‘Punch Out’ button


And you are done.


Q, What if I forget to Punch In / Out.

A. See you Supervisor who will correct the entry for you.

Q. I need to make note of something that affects my pay.

A. You can enter notes against any day








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