Leave Entitlements to Excel

Many of our clients run a different Financial year to the Australian Payroll Year, which is July to June.

To obtain the value of the Leave entitlements requires that you obtain that at a particular point in time.

Minder has the facility to do this.

In Payroll:-

  • Enquiry

    • Leave Accrual Status

Using the Query Filter, enter the last Pay Period for your Financial Year.

In this case it is 6609

The screen will now display just those entitlements as at that Pay run.


This display is now ready to export, Excel is best if you have it on your server, or to csv file if you don’t.

Use ‘Send To’.

Remember to name the file so you can find it again!

The file can now be opened in Excel, the accruals are under A/L Bal and LSL Acc. You can add totals to the bottom if you like, or just send it as is to your accountant.



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