Punch Clock - Review Pay Hrs & Post



The Basic Procedure is:-

  1. Add any Public Holidays and / or location wide Annual leave days.

  2. Review / Update each employee in each location you are responsible for.

    1. This ensures that the hours are allocated correctly, and they add up to 35/36/38/40 etc

    2. You can correctly assign Sick Leave, Annual Leave etc

    3. if they are still below their total hours, then assign ‘Un-Paid leave’.

  3. Create a Summary xml flle which is displayed and can be opened with Excel.

  4. Allows you to review the hours in a Tabular format.

  5. Email a copy of the Summary file to Payroll

    1. The summary file isn’t used by Payroll, it is simply for checking & Audit purposes.

  6. Post to Payroll

    1. The final step which transfers the total hours across to Payroll so they can process the wages.

All of these steps are done on a single Web screen.

Add Public Holidays / Annual Leave

Used to add location wide holidays.

Click on the Add Leave Tab.

Select the Day for the Public Holiday.



Select ‘Local Public Holiday’ (or ‘Local Annual Leav’e) & then Apply Leave.

Status will change to ‘Complete’


Back on the Review Tab we can see the Public Holiday has been added.

Nothing to stop you doing an entire year up front. They will just sit in the system until the time comes.



Review / Update

From the Supervisor’s Review Menu, select ‘Review Pay Hrs & Post’

The browse will be blank until you enter the Location. A location is a grouping of employee’s that have the same Timesheet rules.


Once the location is entered, the employee list & their Hours are displayed ready for review.

You will note that we have no entry for Thursday. For this location, this was a declared Picnic Day, so is considered a localized Public Holiday.

We need to add this first:-

Review Entries

This step assigns the hours (ordinary time, over time, Annual Leave etc) to each day, which will subsequently auto load into the Payroll system.

There are several Options to completing this step.

Auto Hrs

An ‘Auto Hrs’ button is attached to each Employee record. Clicking on this button will do several things.

  1. Using the Scheduled Shift Start Time, calculate Ordinary Time, Over Time 1.5 and Over Time 2.0.

    1. If Lunch is scheduled on this day, that is subtracted from the total.

    2. If they clock on after the Scheduled Shift Start Time, that time is used instead to calculate the totals.

    3. If the Total Hrs does not match or exceed the Scheduled hours for that day, the difference will be made up as UnPaid Leave. This will be displayed under the 'UL' column.

  2. If the Day is missing, Auto Hrs will add that day, and apply the standard hours.

  3. It will ignore any pre-assigned Public Holidays and any Leave.


The hours transferred to Payroll are in 0.1 of an hour. This calculates out to 6 minute intervals.



Individual Day Review

For more granular control, you click on the individual employee.

The Right Hand column will change to display that employee’s hours.

Start by clicking on the top entry for that employee:-

Here we can see the Date, Start Time, End Time with a total of ‘Clocked’ Hours.

There are 2 options to process this day.

  • Presets

  • Pay Elements



These are quick and easy. Presets IGNORE the Start & End times, and populate them from the Time Sheet Rules for that employee’s location.

Simply CLICK on the appropriate Preset & the CLICK on ‘Update Record’.

Available Leave.

You are able to see the hours available to this employee for any leave before you assign it.

Pay Elements



Pay Elements allow more granular control over the hours, you can Auto Assign the hours, based on either their actual Punch Clock Time, or the Scheduled Start Time.

Zero hours allows you to start again.

The system will correctly determine Ordinary Time & any Overtime based on the Time Sheet Rules.

Or you can manually assign the hours into the available slots.

Again Update Record When finished.

Repeat this process until all employee’s have the correct hours displayed.


This is to provide a check of the hours allocated by displaying the data in a tabular format.

When you first enter this page, it is Blank

Click on Refresh and the table is displayed.

What we are looking for is that the Total Ord Hours (2nd column from the end) is displaying the correct number of hours. If not, simply go back & either correct the entry of add a new one.

Export Summary

You can send this report to Excel should you wish.

CLICK on Export Summary and the windows File Save screen will appear.




Save the file where ever you like.





You can open the file in Excel if you wish. You may need to change how the file is Opened, Excel or the Office XML handler, either is fine.


And the resulting file:-


This step is optional, but should be included. It simply provides Payroll with the Summary of the Employee hours you are about to Post.

Open your local Email Client (Thunderbird is shown here, but Outlook works as well). New email to whom ever should be receiving this email.

And attach the file you saved in the Step above.

Post to Payroll

The last step in the process, but arguably the most important. This step is very simple & consists of a single button.

When clicked it does several things.

  • Posts the hours from the Punch Clock system into the Payroll system.

  • Adds a 'Posted' date to all these entries preventing further modification.

Procedure Complete


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